Custom Domains


These directions are for projects hosted on Read the Docs for Business. For setting up a custom domain on a project hosted on, please read our community documentation.

Subdomain support

Once a project is imported into Read the Docs, by default it’s hosted under a subdomain on one of our domains. If you need a custom domain, continue on to custom domain setup.

Serving documentation with a custom domain

Projects can also be hosted under a custom domain. If you’d prefer to use your own domain name instead of our default hosting domain, you can still host with us.

We require two steps from your side:

  • Add a CNAME record in your DNS that points to our servers <organization-slug>
  • Set your project’s Privacy Level to Public from Admin > Advance Settings.
  • Add a Domain in the Admin > Domains page for your project.


The domain that should be used is the actual subdomain that you want your docs served on. Generally it will be

Custom domain SSL

We require SSL for custom domains. During the setup process, you will need to add a record to your DNS which will allow us to issue an SSL certificate for your custom domain.