About Read the DocsΒΆ

Read the Docs is a C Corporation registered in Oregon. Our bootstrapped company is owned and fully controlled by the founders, and fully funded by our customers and advertisers. This allows us to focus 100% on our users.

We have two main sources of revenue:

  • Read the Docs for Business - where we provide a valuable paid service to companies.

  • Read the Docs Community - where we provide a free service to the open source community, funded via EthicalAds.

We believe that having both paying customers and ethical advertising is the best way to create a sustainable platform for our users. We have built something that we expect to last a long time, and we are able to make decisions based only on the best interest of our community and customers.

All of the source code for Read the Docs is open source. You are welcome to contribute the features you want or run your own instance. We should note that we generally only support our hosted versions as a matter of our philosophy.

We owe a great deal to the open source community that we are a part of, so we provide free ads via our community ads program. This allows us to give back to the communities and projects that we support and depend on.

We are proud about the way we manage our company and products, and are glad to have you on board with us in this great documentation journey.