How to manage your subscription

We want to make it easy to manage your billing information. All organization owners can manage the subscription for that organization. It’s easy to achieve a number of common tasks in this dashboard:

  • Update your credit card information.

  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan.

  • View, download, and pay invoices.

  • Add additional tax (VAT/EIN) or contact email addresses on your invoices.

You can always find our most up to date pricing information on our pricing page.

Managing your subscription

  1. Navigate to the subscription management page.

  2. Click Manage Subscription.

This action will take you to the Stripe billing portal where you can manage your subscription.


You will need to be an organization owner to view subscription information. If you do not have permission, you can ask one of your existing organization owners to make any required changes.

Cancelling your subscription

Cancelling your subscription can be done following the instructions in Managing your subscription. Your subscription will remain active for the remainder of the current billing period, and will not renew for the next billing period.

We can not cancel subscriptions through an email request, as email is an insecure method of verifying a user’s identity. If you email us about this, we require you to verify your identity by logging into your Read the Docs account and submitting an official support request there.

Billing information

We provide both monthly and annual subscriptions for all plans. Annual plans are given a 2 month discount compared to monthly billing. We support credit card billing for all plans. Pro and Enterprise plans can use invoice-based and PO billing for annual subscriptions.


We recommend paying by credit card for all users, as this greatly simplifies the billing process.

Discounts and credits

We do not generally discount our software. We provide an ad-supported service to the community with Read the Docs Community, but we do have one standard discount that we offer.

Non-profit and academic organizations

Our community hosting, provided for free and open source projects, is generally where we recommend most academic projects to host their projects. If you have constraints on how public your documentation can be, our commercial hosting is probably a better fit.

We offer a 50% discount on our all of our commercial plans to certified academic and non-profit organizations. Please contact Site support to request this discount.