Feature flags

Read the Docs offers a few additional settings that are otherwise disabled by default. These specific settings are called feature flags and can only be enabled by contacting us through our support form or reaching out to the administrator of your service.

Available flags

CONDA_APPEND_CORE_REQUIREMENTS: Append Read the Docs core requirements to environment.yml file.

Makes Read the Docs to install all the requirements at once on conda create step. This helps users to pin dependencies on conda and to improve build time.

DONT_OVERWRITE_SPHINX_CONTEXT: Do not overwrite context vars in conf.py with Read the Docs context.

DONT_CREATE_INDEX: Do not create index.md or README.rst if the project does not have one.

When Read the Docs detects that your project doesn’t have an index.md or README.rst, it auto-generate one for you with instructions about how to proceed.

In case you are using a static HTML page as index or an generated index from code, this behavior could be a problem. With this feature flag you can disable that.