Conda Support

Read the Docs supports Conda as an environment management tool, along with Virtualenv. Conda support is useful for people who depend on C libraries, and need them installed when building their documentation.

This work was funded by Clinical Graphics – many thanks for their support of Open Source.

Activating Conda

Conda support is available using a Configuration File, see conda.

This Conda environment will also have Sphinx and other build time dependencies installed. It will use the same order of operations that we support currently:

  • Environment Creation (conda env create)

  • Dependency Installation (Sphinx)

Custom Installs

If you are running a custom installation of Read the Docs, you will need the conda executable installed somewhere on your PATH. Because of the way conda works, we can’t safely install it as a normal dependency into the normal Python virtualenv.


Installing conda into a virtualenv will override the activate script, making it so you can’t properly activate that virtualenv anymore.