Enabling Google Analytics on your Project

Read the Docs has native support for Google Analytics. You can enable it by:

  • Going to Admin > Advanced Settings in your project.

  • Fill in the Analytics code heading with your Google Tracking ID (example UA-123456674-1)

Once your documentation rebuilds it will include your Analytics tracking code and start sending data. Google Analytics usually takes 60 minutes, and sometimes can take up to a day before it starts reporting data.


Read the Docs takes some extra precautions with analytics to protect user privacy. As a result, users with Do Not Track enabled will not be counted for the purpose of analytics.

For more details, see the Do Not Track section of our privacy policy.

Disabling Google Analytics on your project

Google Analytics can be completely disabled on your own projects. To disable Google Analytics:

  • Going to Admin > Advanced Settings in your project.

  • Check the box Disable Analytics.

Your documentation will need to be rebuilt for this change to take effect.