Sub-processor list


April 16, 2021

Last updated:

December 27, 2022

Read the Docs for Business uses services from the following sub-processors to provide documentation hosting services. This document supplements our Data Processing Addendum and may be separately updated on a periodic basis. A sub-processor is a third party data processor who has or potentially will have access to or will process personal data.

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Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Cloud infrastructure provider.


Elasticsearch B.V.

Hosted ElasticSearch services for documentation search. Search indexes do not include user data.

Sendgrid, Inc.

Provides email delivery to dashboard and admin users for site notifications and other generated messages. The body of notification emails can include user information, including email address.

Google Analytics

Website analtyics for dashboard and documentation sites.

Stripe Inc.

Subscription payment provider. Data collected can include user data necessary to process payment transactions, however this data is not processed directly by Read the Docs.


New Relic

Application performance analytics. Data collected can include user data and visitor data used within application code.


Error analytics service used to log and track application errors. Error reports can include arguments passed to application code, which can include user and visitor data.


FrontApp, Inc.

Customer email support service. Can have access to user data, including user email and IP address, and stores communications related to user data.