⏩️ Read the Docs tutorial

This is where you should go if you are trying Read the Docs for the first time!

⏩️ Getting started with Sphinx

Sphinx is the most popular documentation tool on our platform. It supports both reStructuredText and Markdown formats, and can generate rich API documentation from your source code. We recommend Sphinx for documentation that includes API reference documentation.

⏩️ Getting started with MkDocs

Another great and popular tool is MkDocs. This is especially popular because of its default of using Markdown. This tool is well-supported on our platform and that’s why we have a tutorial.

⏩️ Importing your documentation

If you already wrote your documentation, this guide will help you get started at the most natural point: importing an existing documentation project.

⏩️ Configuration file overview

Practical steps to add a configuration file to your documentation project.

⏩️ Example projects

If you are bootstrapping a new documentation project, here is a list of example projects that you can derive your setup from.