Business hosting

We offer Read the Docs for Business for building and hosting commercial documentation.

Our commercial solutions are provided as a set of subscriptions that are paid and managed through an online interface. In order to get started quickly and easily, a trial option is provided free of charge.

See also

Read the Docs website: Features

A high-level overview of platform features is available on our website, and the pricing page has a feature breakdown by subscription level.

Read the Docs website: Company

Information about the company running Read the Docs, including our mission, team, and community.

Commercial documentation solutions

In addition to providing the same features as Read the Docs Community, commercial subscriptions to Read the Docs add additional features and run on separate infrastructure.


Read the Docs for Community and Business are a combined system: All features developed for community benefit the business solution, and most solutions developed for business users are implemented for the community.

The following list is a high-level overview of the areas covered by Read the Docs for Business. If you want a full feature breakdown, please refer to our pricing page.

Private repositories and private documentation

The largest difference between the community solution and our commercial offering is the ability to connect to private repositories, to restrict documentation access to certain users, or to share private documentation via private hyperlinks.

Additional build resources

Do you have a complicated build process that uses large amounts of CPU, memory, disk, or networking resources? Commercial subscriptions offer more resources which results in faster documentation build times. We can also customize builders, such as with a GPU or multiple CPUs.

Priority support

We have a dedicated support team that responds to support requests during business hours.


All commercially hosted documentation is always ad-free.

Business features

Enjoy additional functionality specifically for larger organizations such as team management, single-sign on, and audit logging.