Downloadable Documentation

Read the Docs supports building multiple formats for Sphinx-based projects:

  • PDF

  • ePub

  • Zipped HTML

This means that every commit that you push will automatically update your PDFs as well as your HTML.

This is enabled by the formats key in our config file. A simple example is here:

# Build PDF & ePub
  - epub
  - pdf

If you want to see an example, you can download the Read the Docs documentation in the following formats:

Use cases

This functionality is great for anyone who needs documentation when they aren’t connected to the internet. Users who are about to get on a plane can grab a PDF and have the entire doc set ready for their trip.

The other value is having the entire docset in a single file. You can send a user an email with a single PDF or ePub and they’ll have all the docs in one place.