Projects can be configured in a nested manner, by configuring a project as a subproject of another project. This allows for documentation projects to share a search index and a namespace or custom domain, but still be maintained independently.

For example, a parent project, Foo is set up with a subproject, Bar. The documentation for Foo will be available at:

The documentation for Bar will be available under this same path:

Adding a subproject

In the admin dashboard for your project, select “Subprojects” from the menu. From this page you can add a subproject by typing in the project slug.

Subproject aliases

You can use an alias for the subproject when it is created. This allows you to override the URL that is used to access it, giving more configurability to how you want to structure your projects.

Sharing a custom domain

Projects and subprojects can also be used to share a custom domain with a number of projects. To configure this, one project should be established as the parent project. This project will be configured with a custom domain. Projects can then be added as subprojects to this parent project.

If the example project Foo was set up with a custom domain,, the URLs for projects Foo and Bar would respectively be at: and

Custom domain on subprojects

Adding a custom domain to a subproject is not allowed, since your documentation will always be served from the domain of the parent project.