Analytics for search and traffic

Read the Docs supports analytics for search and traffic. When someone reads your documentation, we collect data about the vist and the referer with full respect of the privacy of the visitor.

Traffic analytics

Read the Docs aggregates statistics about visits to your documentation. This is mainly information about how often pages are viewed, and which return a 404 Not Found error code.

Traffic Analytics lets you see which documents your users are reading. This allows you to understand how your documentation is being used, so you can focus on expanding and updating parts people are reading most.

If you require more detailed analytics, Read the Docs has native support for Google Analytics. It’s also possible to customize your documentation to include other analytics frameworks.

Learn more in How to use traffic analytics.

Search analytics

When someone visits your documentation and uses the built-in server side search feature, Read the Docs will collect analytics on their search term.

Those are aggregated into a simple view of the “Top queries in the past 30 days”. You can also download this data.

This is helpful to optimize your documentation in alignment with your readers’ interests. You can discover new trends and expand your documentation to new needs.

Learn more in How to use search analytics.