How-to guides: best practices

Over the years, we have become familiar with a number of methods that work well and which we consider best practice.

⏩️ Best practices for linking to your documentation

Documentation changes over time, and links and cross-references can become challenging manage for various reasons. Here is a set of best practices explaining and addressing these challenges.

⏩️ Deprecating content

Best practice for removing or deprecating documentation content.

⏩️ Creating reproducible builds

Every documentation project has dependencies that are required to build it. Using an unspecified versions of these dependencies means that your project can start breaking. In this guide, learn how to protect your project against breaking randomly. This is one of our most popular guides!

⏩️ Search engine optimization (SEO) for documentation projects

This article explains how documentation can be optimized to appear in search results, increasing traffic to your docs.

⏩️ Hiding a version

Learn how you can keep your entire version history online without overwhelming the reader with version choices.