How-to guides: project setup and configuration

The following how-to guides help you solve common tasks and challenges in the setup and configuration stages.

⏩️ Connecting your Read the Docs account to your Git provider

Steps to connect an account on GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab with your Read the Docs account.

⏩️ Configuring a Git repository automatically

Once your account is connected to your Git provider, adding and configuring a Git repository automatically is possible for GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.

⏩️ Configuring a Git repository manually

If you are connecting a Git repository from another provider (for instance Gitea or Codeberg), this guide tells you how to add and configure the webhook manually.

⏩️ Managing custom domains

Hosting your documentation using your own domain name, such as

⏩️ Using custom URL redirects in documentation projects

Configuring your Read the Docs project for redirecting visitors from one location to another.

⏩️ Managing subprojects

Need several projects under the same umbrella? Start using subprojects, which is a way to host multiple projects under a “main project”.

⏩️ Using a .readthedocs.yaml file in a sub-folder

This guide shows how to configure a Read the Docs project to use a custom path for the .readthedocs.yaml build configuration. Monorepos that have multiple documentation projects in the same Git repository can benefit from this feature.

⏩️ Hiding a version

Is your version (flyout) menu overwhelmed and hard to navigate? Here’s how to make it shorter.

⏩️ Changing the versioning scheme of your project

Change how the URLs of your documentation look like, and if your project supports multiple versions or translations.

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