Sharing private documentation


This feature is only available on Read the Docs for Business.

You can share your project with users outside of your company:

  • by sending them a secret link,

  • by giving them a password.

These methods will allow them to view specific projects or versions of a project inside your organization.

Additionally, you can use a HTTP Authorization Header. This is useful to have access from a script.

Enabling sharing

  • Go into your project’s Admin page and click on Sharing.

  • Click on New Share

  • Select access type (secret link, password, or HTTP header token), add an expiration date and a Description so you remember who you’re sharing it with.

  • Check Allow access to all versions? if you want to grant access to all versions, or uncheck that option and select the specific versions you want grant access to.

  • Click Save.

  • Get the info needed to share your documentation with other users:

    • If you have selected secret link, copy the link that is generated

    • In case of password, copy the link and password

    • For HTTP header token, you need to pass the Authorization header in your HTTP request.

  • Give that information to the person who you want to give access.


You can always revoke access in the same panel.

Users can log out by using the Log Out link in the RTD flyout menu.

Sharing methods


Once the person you send the link to clicks on the link, they will see an Authorization required page asking them for the password you generated. When the user enters the password, they will have access to view your project.


This is useful for when you have documentation you want users to bookmark. They can enter a URL directly and enter the password when prompted.

HTTP Authorization Header


This approach is useful for automated scripts. It only allows access to a page when the header is present, so it doesn’t allow browsing docs inside of a browser.

Token Authorization

You need to send the Authorization header with the token on each HTTP request. The header has the form Authorization: Token <ACCESS_TOKEN>. For example:

curl -H "Authorization: Token 19okmz5k0i6yk17jp70jlnv91v"

Basic Authorization

You can also use basic authorization, with the token as user and an empty password. For example:

curl --url --user '19okmz5k0i6yk17jp70jlnv91v:'