Read the Docs: documentation simplified


Read the Docs simplifies software documentation by building, versioning, and hosting of your docs, automatically. Treating documentation like code keeps your team in the same tools, and your documentation up to date.

🔄 Up to date documentation

Whenever you push code to Git, Read the Docs will automatically build your docs so your code and documentation are always up-to-date. Get started with our tutorial.

🗂️ Documentation for every version

Read the Docs can host multiple versions of your docs. Keep your 1.0 and 2.0 documentation online, pulled directly from Git. Start hosting all your versions.

💓 Open source and user focused

Our company is bootstrapped and 100% user-focused, so our product gets better for our users instead of our investors. Read the Docs Community hosts documentation for over 100,000 large and small open source projects. Read the Docs for Business supports hundreds of organizations with product and internal documentation. Learn more about our two platforms.

First time here?

We have a few places for you to get started:

🚀 Read the Docs tutorial

Take the first practical steps with Read the Docs.

🚀 Example projects

Start your journey with an example project to hit the ground running.

🚀 All tutorials

Using documentation tools like Sphinx or MkDocs for the first time or importing an existing project? We have the tutorials to get you started!


Get a high-level overview of our platform:

💡 Continuous Documentation

Discover the advantages of having your documentation continuously deployed.

💡 Choosing between our two platforms

Learn about the differences between Read the Docs Community and Read the Docs for Business.

💡 Deep dive into Read the Docs

Get familiar with some of the more advanced topics of building and deploying documentation with Read the Docs.

💡 All explanation articles

Browse all our explanation articles.

How-to guides

Need to get something specific done? These guides provide step-by-step instructions in key areas to get you up to speed faster:

🪄 How to configure pull request builds

Setup pull request builds and enjoy previews of each commit.

🪄 How to use traffic analytics

Learn more about how users are interacting with your documentation.

🪄 How to use cross-references with Sphinx

Learn how to use cross-references in a Sphinx project.

🪄 All how-to guides

Browser the entire catalog for many more how-to guides.


Need to know how something works? Here are a few of the most important reference docs:

📚 Feature reference

Overview of all the main features of Read the Docs.

📚 Configuration file v2 (.readthedocs.yaml)

Information for our configuration file: .readthedocs.yaml.

📚 Build process overview

Overview of how documentation builds happen.

📚 Build process customization

Information on how to add your own build logic or replace default build steps.

📚 Public API

Automate your documentation with our API and save yourself some work.