Methodology and best practice

In this section, we are covering important methods and best practices that will make your documentation better.

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Write the Docs: Topic Archive

A collection of conference talks and articles, indexed by topic (eg. Metrics and analytics or Information architecture)

You can familiarize yourself with these topics before or after writing documentation. We encourage that you read this at any time, as this content is applicable to many stages of the documentation process.

⏩️ The Diátaxis Methodology

We introduce the Diátaxis methodology which is also used for the documentation you are now reading.

⏩️ Creating reproducible builds

Every documentation project has dependencies that are required to build it. Using an unspecified versions of these dependencies means that your project can start breaking. In this guide, learn how to protect your project against breaking randomly. This is one of our most popular guides!

⏩️ Search engine optimization (SEO) for documentation projects

This article explains how documentation can be optimized to appear in search results, increasing traffic to your docs.