Single version documentation

Single version documentation lets you serve your documentation at the top level of your domain, for example or

By default, all documentation served by Read the Docs has a standard path of /<language>/<version>/. Documentation can be served at / if you enable the single version option for a project.


This means you can’t have translations or multiple versions for your documentation.

Having a single version of a documentation project can be considered the better choice in cases where there should only always exist one unambiguous copy of your project.

For example, a research project may wish to only expose readers to their latest list of publications and research data. Similarly, a SaaS application might only ever have one version live.

You can see a live example of this at


In your project’s Admin page, you can toggle the Single version option on or off for your project . Check your dashboard for a list of your projects.


Links pointing to the root URL of the project will now point to the proper URL. For example, if pip was set as a “Single Version” project, then links to its documentation would point to rather than redirecting to


Documentation at /<language>/<default_version>/ will stop working. Remember to set canonical URLs to tell search engines like Google what to index, and to create Custom and built-in redirects on Read the Docs to avoid broken incoming links.