Main page where you can see all your projects with their build status and import a new project.

flyout menu

Menu displayed on the documentation, readily accessible for readers, containing the list active versions, links to static downloads, and other useful links. Read more in our Flyout Menu page.

pre-defined build jobs

Commands executed by Read the Docs when performing the build process. They cannot be overwritten by the user.

profile page

Page where you can see the projects of a certain user.

project home

Page where you can access all the features of Read the Docs, from having an overview to browsing the latest builds or administering your project.

project page

Another name for project home.


A unique identifier for a project or version. This value comes from the project or version name, which is reduced to lowercase letters, numbers, and hypens. You can retreive your project or version slugs from our API.

root URL

Home URL of your documentation without the /<lang> and /<version> segments. For projects without custom domains, the one ending in (for example, as opposed to

user-defined build jobs

Commands defined by the user that Read the Docs will execute when performing the build process.