Read the Docs team is the largest open source documentation hosting service. Today we:

  • Serve over 55 million pages of documentation a month

  • Serve over 40 TB of documentation a month

  • Host over 80,000 open source projects and support over 100,000 users

Read the Docs is provided as a free service to the open source community, and we hope to maintain a reliable and stable hosting platform for years to come.

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Our website: Who we are

More information about the staff and contributors of Read the Docs.


  • The Backend Team folks develop the Django code that powers the backend of the project.

  • The members of the Frontend Team care about UX, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, and they maintain the project UI as well as the Sphinx theme.

  • As part of operating the site, members of the Operations Team maintain a 24/7 on-call rotation. This means that folks have to be available and have their phone in service.

  • The members of the Advocacy Team spread the word about all the work we do, and seek to understand the users priorities and feedback.

  • The Support Team helps our thousands of users using the service, addressing tasks like resetting passwords, enable experimental features, or troubleshooting build errors.


Please don’t email us personally for support on Read the Docs. You can use our support form for any issues you may have.