Site support

Read the Docs offers support for projects on our Read the Docs for Business and Read the Docs Community platforms. We’re happy to assist with any questions or problems you have using either of our platforms.


Read the Docs does not offer support for questions or problems with documentation tools or content. If you have a question or problem using a particular documentation tool, you should refer to external resources for help instead.

Some examples of requests that we support are:

  • “How do I transfer ownership of a Read the Docs project to another maintainer?”

  • “Why are my project builds being cancelled automatically?”

  • “How do I manage my subscription?”

You might also find the answers you are looking for in our documentation guides. These provide step-by-step solutions to common user requests.

Please fill out the form at

Our team responds to support requests within 2 business days or earlier for most plans. Faster support response times and support SLAs are available with plan upgrades.

External resources

If you have questions about how to use a documentation tool or authoring content for your project, or have an issue that isn’t related to a bug with Read the Docs, Stack Overflow is the best place for your question.

Examples of good questions for Stack Overflow are:

  • “What is the best way to structure the table of contents across a project?”

  • “How do I structure translations inside of my project for easiest contribution from users?”

  • “How do I use Sphinx to use SVG images in HTML output but PNG in PDF output?”


Tag questions with read-the-docs so other folks can find them easily.

Bug reports

If you have an issue with the actual functioning of Read the Docs, you can file bug reports on our GitHub issue tracker. You can also contribute changes and fixes to Read the Docs, as the code is open source.